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Deeply Vale Festival 2006 press conference
Deeply Vale Festival 2006 press conference

The Rovers Return at Manchester's Granada TV studios played host to a press conference today announcing the return after thirty years of the (in)famous Deeply Vale Festival.

Chris Hewitt, organiser of the original Deeply Vale and Leigh (Fac 15) festivals of the late seventies, is hopefully teaming up with various bodies, including Rochdale Borough Council, to rerun the festival in July 2006 on part of the original site.

Some of the bands / performers that attended / performed in 1979 have already confirmed their willingness to play, including The Durutti Column, Fast Cars, Graham Massey, Steve Hillage and The Fall.

Attendees of the press conference included Mick Middles, John Robb, Graham Massey, Elliot Eastwick, Phil Jones and Fast Cars.

Echoing the original ethos of 'Glastonbury's lost sister', Chris Hewitt simply stated: "Bring what you expect to find".

Further details of the gig itself, and a number of original Deeply Vale audio and video products are available at

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2008 update: Deeply Vale 2006 never happened but hopes are high it will return one day