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On t-shirts I had to battle with those guys who were doing the Happy Mondays stuff because they'd sewn it up really, they wouldn't let anyone else do it and I just fought and fought and fought. They weren't their designs, we did a separate design for the shop.
But when everything had gone, and some of them were so gorgeous I wanted to make some more of things that didn't matter, not like the really superb collectible stuff, but other stuff that it wouldn't matter if you made more of them. And there were people who wanted them all over the world and that was when that guy kicked up a real fuss about wanting to do it. But that was Tony. Anyone he believes in and he thought had a good idea, he would give them a chance. He was a really good bloke like that.
- Fiona Allen (FAC 281 The Area / FAC 51 The Hacienda) in an interview for Scream City 5
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