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"I decided to do it from home like I began Factory," says Wilson, who has pulled together £30,000 for recording, marketing and manufacturing. "All I needed was a band."
In 1979 Wilson ploughed his life savings into making Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album after the band were ignored by record companies. The album was an instant classic and established Factory until its eventual bankruptcy in 1992.
Wilson discovered Joy Division (who became New Order after singer Ian Curtis's 1980 suicide) in a Manchester bar; he watched Raw-T in a local studio after his young son came home raving about the quartet.
"I hate English kids rapping - complete crap," Wilson says. "But these four little MCs blew me away. Sure enough, every major in London has looked at them. It's only when you work with them that you realise they are geniuses. I was amazed when they walked into the studio carrying reporter's notebooks. They spend all their time scribbling poetry."
- extract from The Guardian article on launch of F4 Records
F4 Records