8vo Creative Review front cover January 2006

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"8vo design were an integral part of the Factory design family. Principally designing for label stalwart Durutti Column, 8vo also created some of the legendary Hacienda birthday posters, whilst still finding time to set the tone for late 80s design in the United Kingdom."
- extract from Inside Factory Design: 8vo at partypeoplemovie.com
8vo visual engineering

"As luck would have it, we got the commission to design the seventh anniversary poster for the Hacienda from Tony Wilson in March 1989. This was the perfect opportunity to try a new approach and produce something that no-one would expect from 8vo. But it was important first to have a brief for ourselves, to avoid the design becoming an exercise in how to make somethingn that was only about being diffferent for the sake of it. We had the idea to make a poster that reacted to the environment - paper or ink that might change over time, react with light, or by being rained on. A water soluble poster? Wouldn't have lasted five minutes in Manchester, one of the wettest places on the planet."

- extract from 8vo: On the outside