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Release date

December 1987


VHS, cd single, cd video


VHS (FAC 194)

When The World (Newson Mix)

CD single (FACD 194)

Our Lady of the Angels
When the World (Newson Mix)
Catos con Guantes

CD Video (FACDV 194)

When the World (soundtrack)
When the World (album)
Final Cut
When the World (video)


DV8 Physical Theatre and The Durutti Column

FAC 194

Directed, edited and produced by Carole Lamond.

Choreographed by DV8:
Nigel Charnock
Lloyd Newson
Liz Ranken
Michelle Richecoeur

The Durutti Column:
Vini Reilly
Bruce Mitchell
John Metcalfe
Tim Kellet

Written by Vini Reilly.
Engineered by Richard Scott at Yellow 2, Stockport.

Special thanks to Simply Red / Elektra for Tim Kellet's trumpet.
A Factory Communications Video.
Design: 8vo

- -

DV8 is an experimental dance troupe led by Lloyd Newson; the video to When The World is quite an avant garde affair featuring the DV8 dancers. Bruce Mitchell has a cameo walking across a bridge.

A note on the CD Video edition from Rob Stanzel's FAC 2.26 The Durutti Column website FAQ. "Q: How do I play the When The World CD-Video? A: You probably can't. CDVs were a short-lived late-1980s hybrid format: digital audio CD tracks with one analog video track appended. (This is distinct from the more recent Video CD format, which is mediocre-quality compressed digital video on a CD.) You need old-style laserdisc player capability to view the CDV video track and what's more, WtW was a UK issue so the analog encoding is in a particular format, PAL."

"Now, laserdisc players were fairly big in Japan and were a reasonably-sized videophile market in the US, both of which use NTSC format rather than PAL. Multi-format players exist but are extremely rare, and I'm led to believe that PAL LD players are quite uncommon even in the UK & other PAL-using countries, so the videotape releases (on which the WtW video track is longer, btw) are your best bet."

FAC 194 When The World VHS; spine detail
FAC 194 When The World VHS; spine detail
FACDV 194 When The World CD Video; back cover detail
FACDV 194 When The World CD Video; back cover detail