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Time Was GIGANTIC... front cover photo
Front cover of Time Was GIGANTIC... When we were kids, new album on Factory too / London, FACD 2.31

Release date

October 1998


Organ Donor
I B Yours
Twenty Trees
Drinking Song
Sing To Me
My Last Kiss
For Rachel
Highfield Choir


Produced by Keir Stewart
Design by 8vo

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Apparently a Factory Too promotional cassette issue exists. (More details required.) FAC 2.21 was originally allocated to this release (according to the Factory Too website 2/97).

The track title 'Pigeon' is an ironic reference to 'Albatross' by Fleetwood Mac, a song which Vini Reilly has occasionally played snatches of at gigs on solo guitar.

Time Was GIGANTIC... back cover
Time Was GIGANTIC... When we were kids, back cover.