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Scream City 5 published in June 2010 after a 2-year hiatus was the International Edition. The overall concept was to draw together articles and interviews covering Factory's overseas operations and activities with a graphic identity to match.
The front, back and inside cover were based on a Dymaxion1 projection of the surface of the earth with a background contour treatment and the street locations of the major Factory offices from around the world highlighted in type. Printed in full colour bleed on glossy paper it was the most developed design strategy of any of the issues of Scream City.
Andrew James took a Factory Trip Around the World in his round up of the main sub-labels. Matthew Robertson interviewed Andrew Penhallow of Factory Australasia, Mark Reeder explained the German angle of Factory whilst Ike Yard and Michael H Shamberg gave us the American perspective.
I interviewed Fiona Allen about her work running Factory's merchandising operations and at Fac 51 The Haçienda (and being Nico's landlady).
David Nolan wrote a rousing tribute to Larry Cassidy who had died earlier in 2010.
Ian McCartney went one louder than before with his critique of Joy Division's Closer in the context of and in comparison to Mozart's 40th symphony "K550", David Quantick sleevenoted The Distractions and James Nice gave us a preview of and Q&A on his then upcoming Shadowplayers book.
This bumper edition came in at a whopping 60 pages. And there was a free cd with the first 160 copies (see below).
In Memory Larry Cassidy and Michael H Shamberg
With thanks to Fiona Allen, Stuart Argabright, Frank Brinkhuis, Tim Broun, Cath Carroll, Amy Cooper, David Cooper, Michael Diekmann, Michael Eastwood, Buckminster Fuller for Dymaxion duties, Steven Hankinson, Andrew James, Trevor Johnson, Phil and Alex Kooky, Sebastian Luetzow, Ian McCartney, James Nice, David Nolan, Andrew Penhallow, David Quantick, Mark Reeder, Matthew Robertson, Katja Ruge, Michael H Shamberg, Ricky for printing and Ravello for coffee.
Published by John Cooper.
June 2010
Initial copies come with a free 10-track compilation CDR featuring live/rare/unreleased material by Section 25, Ike Yard, Thick Pigeon, The Names, The Wake, The Durutti Column, The Distractions, Biting Tongues, Shark Vegas and Fidelity Kastrow & Spartak (produced & remixed by Mark Reeder).
The tracks by Section 25, The Wake and Biting Tongues were recorded live at Plan K in December 2009.
The CDR was a strictly limited edition of 160 copies available on a first come first served basis.
1. Section 25 Poppyfields (Live at Plan K) 5.12
2. Ike Yard Sweep 4.56
3. Thick Pigeon Merry Christmas 3.41
4. The Wake Something Outside (Live at Plan K) 5.35
5. The Names Zeroes 5.30
6. The Durutti Column Untitled Guitar Piece 1989 1.46
7. Biting Tongues Iyahbhoone (Live at Plan K) 6.09
8. The Distractions (I Thought You Were Dead) Josephine (Hollywood Mix) 2.02
9. Shark Vegas You Hurt Me (Radio Edit) 4.47
10. Fidelity Kastrow & Spartak Bad Love (Reeder's Playing the Game Radio Mix) 3.19
1 Dymaxion projection was invented by the legendary inventor and designer Buckminster Fuller as a simplified way of representing the surface of the Earth on an icosahedron (a multifaceted solid made of 20 equilateral triangle panels which can be built from a contiguous piece of paper).