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Scream City is the Factory Records fanzine from the people who brought you Cerysmatic Factory plus special guest contributors. Scream City is still an old school fanzine and is made from paper, ink and staples. There have been five issues to date from 2006-2010 and the project is currently on indefinite hiatus.
Fast forward to September 2019 when I remembered that the Malcolm Whitehead interview published in 2017 was originally intended for the sixth edition which never happened. This was going to be themed around Factory Records video, Ikon, films and pretty much anything related to the moving image.
One enquiry about the availability of Scream City digitally later (thanks Iain Key) and the seed was sown for the Scream City digital archive.
As much as it would make the whole digital publication process a lot easier, I am not just going to make the original pdfs for Scream City 1 to 5 available for download (so please don't ask for these). However, I am going to chunk each edition, replicate the imagery, make the odd correction here and there and also provide notes from a 2019 perspective given that a lot more information has come to light during that period (c.f. the AHW Archive at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester).
In addition, the Scream City digital archive will eventually collect together all the source material for the graphic design plus unused, alternate versions of front/back covers and other imagery. There will even be a SCX or Scream City Christmas section.
But hey, enough of me yackin! Let's boogie!
Scream City 1 cover
Scream City 1; front cover