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Steve Martland
Durutti Column
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I Fagiolini
Red Byrd
Rolf Hind
Graham Fitkin


Classics in Motion was a series of concerts promoting the Factory Classical label and featuring The Durutti Column & Steve Martland (wunderkind of the young British classical music scene). The main floor of the Hacienda even had chairs on it for the Manchester concert!

Fac 317
Glasgow 7 September
Tramway Theatre. Doors open 10.00pm
Tickets £5.99 from Tocta, or on the door

Fac 318
Manchester 16 October
Hacienda. Doors open 8.00pm
Tickets £4.99 from Picadilly Box Office,
or on the door

Fac 319
London 29/30/31 October
Bloomsbury Theatre, Gordon St, Euston, WC1
(opposite Euston station). Doors open 7.30pm
Tickets £6.99 from Theatre Box Office
071-387 9629 and usual booking agents
Promoted by SPEAKOUT

Classics In Motion leaflet
Classics in Motion; reverse detail

Transcript of the reverse of the leaflet

To launch our five new releases on October 29 1990, Factory Classical is staging five showcases, in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Four of the groups featured on the new releases will be performing at the showcases - I Fagiolini, Rolf Hind, Graham Fitkin and Red Byrd. There are also sets by Factory composer Steve Martland, and rare appearances by The Durutti Column will also feature.

Steve Martland is an internationally acclaimed composer whose work is performed all over the world. His first album for Factory (Fac 226) received rave reviews, and he is now working on a single, Glad Day, of three of his songs with Sarah Jane Morris. He works regularly for TV, both as composer, and interviewer. Watch Channel 4 at 9.45, 26 September, for Steve's music to the film Cult.

I Fagiolini are a group of highly accomplished young singers specialising in music of the Renaissance. They like to put some guts into their performances of composers like Monteverdi and are not impressed by the prissy tendencies of many other British groups. Their first album for Factory, The Art of Monteverdi is vibrant and colourful, and makes a good introduction to this exciting composer.

Rolf Hind's exciting performances of 20th century music have attracted a lot of interest from both critics and audiences alike. His first album for Factory Classical (Fac 256) includes the tough Piano Sonata by American Elliot Carter, as well as pieces by Ligeti and Messianen. On his new album Country Music the mood is more relaxed, ranging from Percy Grainger's cheerful Shepherd's Hey to the intricate virtuosity of Michael Finissy's English Country Tunes.

Graham Fitkin is increasingly attracting attention as a composer, and his first record for Factory Classical consists entirely of music for pianos. Some of the pieces are for four players, and the composer achieves exciting and colourful rhythmic effects using the available eight hands. There are also shorter solo pieces, played by the composer, which is essential listening for all fans of post-modernist music.

Red Byrd are John Potter and Richard Wistreich, two singers who are developing a new approach to the repertoire and performance of vocal music. They perform both early and new music, working with friends of like mind. Their first album for Factory Classical includes a rare piece by the Swiss composer Frank Martin, for singers and bass guitars, as well as pieces specially written for them by John Paul Jones and Harvey Brough.

Erik Satie is now a popular composer, although he was neglected in his lifetime. Socrate is a cantata based on the writings of Plato, and tells of the death of Socrates by judicial poisoning. Scored for sopranos and orchestra it is wondefully calm and classic in its simplicity: if you like the Gymnopedies, you'll enjoy this music.

Music Projects London is conducted by Richard Bernas, with Susan Bickley, Eileen Hulse, and Patricia Rosario. They will not appear in the showcases.

Classics in Motion; detail of individual events and Factory catalogue numbers
Classics in Motion; detail of individual events and Factory catalogue numbers
Classics In Motion - promotional photograph featuring Steve Martland
Classics In Motion - promotional photograph featuring Steve Martland
Classics In Motion - promotional photograph
Classics In Motion - promotional photograph of Rolf Hind

Thanks to Christopher Macadams for the photo scans