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FACD 356 Eric Satie, Socrate; front cover detail
FACD 356 Eric Satie, Socrate; front cover detail

Title: Socrate
Release date: September 1990 (January 1991)


CS: Factory Factc 356
CD: Factory FACD 356
DAT: Factory Fact 356d


Socrate, Drame Symphonique

Portrait de Socrate
Bords d'Illissus
Mort de Socrate

Trois Melodies (1886)

Les Anges

Trois Melodies (1916)

Le Statue de Bronze
Le Chapelier

Trois Autres Melodies
Chanson Medievale
Les Fleurs

Quatres Petites Melodies



Air du Rat

Le Grenouille
Air du Poete
Chanson du Chat


~ FACD 356 . Mastered By Nimbus


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Review (by Stuart Maconie in NME 26 January 1991

Satie's 'Trois Gymnopedies' are so well known to the general public that even a twerp like Gary Numan has given their timeless melodies a mauling. Rather less popular is his long cantata 'Socrates'. This wonderful piece, at the same time serene and passionate and whose fragrant modal tunes and mechanical rhymes predate Glass and Reich by the best part of a century, forms the centrepiece of this collection of Satie's vocal music. Terrific. (9)

- -

Reputedly one of the most beautiful recordings of Satie's music, this version of Socrate was released in 1990 in the second batch of Factory Classical recordings.

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FACD 356 Eric Satie, Socrate - alternative Douglas Brothers photo from cover shoot
FACD 356 Eric Satie, Socrate; alternative, unused cover photograph by the Douglas Brothers; thanks to Christopher Macadams for this image

The cover artwork for this compact disc was designed, as were all Factory Classical releases, under the overall art direction of Peter Saville. The cover photo itself was from a photo-shoot by the Douglas Brothers. This image [right] is an outtake from the shoot and is used by kind permission of Christopher Macadams.