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Facd 336 Songs of Love and Death; front cover detail
Facd 336 Songs of Love and Death; front cover detail

Title: Songs of Love and Death
Release date: September 1990 (January 1991)


CS: Factory Factc 336
CD: Factory Facd 336
DAT: Factory Fact 336d*


Brian Elias

Song [9:33]

Claudio Monteverdi

Io che nell' otio nacqui [7:34]

Frank Martin - Trois poemes de la Mort

{1} [3:27]
{2} [3:35]
{3} [7:34]

Claudio Monteverdi

Se vittorio si belle [2:18]

John Paul Jones - Amores Passados

Al son de los arroyuelos [4:57]
No Dormio [6:06]
So elle encina [4:33]

Claudio Monteverdi

Zefiro Torna [5:48]

Harvey Brough

The Red Bird [7:05]


~ FACD 336 . Mastered By Nimbus


Production: John Hadden
Design: Bill Smith Studio

Review (by Stuart Maconie in NME 26 January 1991

Similarly, vocal duo Red Byrd's collection wilfully mixes the haunting formality of 16th Century Italy with uncharacteristically lovely settings of poems by Led Zep's John Paul Jones! Unfortunately for Red Byrd, it's the use of modern guitar and bass that really catch the attention, particularly in the twisted, fractured textures of Frank Martin's'Trois Poems' (8).

- -

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