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FACD 226 Kreisler String Orchestra; front cover detail
FACD 226 Kreisler String Orchestra; front cover detail

Title: Kreisler String Orchestra ('226')
Release date: September 1989


LP: Factory FACT 226
CS: Factory FACT 226C
CD: Factory FACD 226
DAT: Factory FACT 226D


Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony1

1. Boisterous Bourrée 3:07
2. Playful Pizzicato 3:16
3. Sentimental Sarabande 7:18
4. Frolicsome Finale 2:44

Zoran Eric2

5. Cartoon 8:41

Benjamin Britten: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge3

6. Introduction and Theme 1:36
7. Adagio 1:58
8. March 1:03
9. Romance 1:24
10.  Aria Italiana 1:16
11.  Bourrée Classique 1:23
12.  Weiner Waltz 2:55
13.  Moto Perpetuo 1:11
14.  Funeral March 3:32
15.  Chant 1:28
16.  Fugue and Finale 7:00

Johannes Brahms

17.  'Wir Wandelten' (Arr Michael Thomas)  3:254

Total 50:37

1 published by Oxford University Press
2 published by Yugoslav State Music
3 published by Boosey & Hawkes Ltd.
4 publisher traditional


Digitally recorded at Elephant Studios, London.
March 1988.
Produced by Nick Robins, Mike Willocks and the orchestra.
Engineered by Nick Robins.
Edited by Adam Skeaping, Nick Robins and the orchestra at Adam Skeaping, London.

Project co-ordinator: John Metcalfe.

Distributed by Pinnacle Records for the UK, Dureco for the Benelux, Rough Trade Deutschland for West Germany and Polygram for Canada.

Cover photography: Trevor Key.
Art direction: Peter Saville.
Design: Peter Saville Associates, London.

A Factory Classical Compact Disc.
© 1989 Factory Communications Ltd.
Manchester, England.


Abigail Brown
Louisa Fuller
Richard Koster
Mark Pharoah
Kathy Shave
Sonia Slany
Anne Solomon
Hilary Sturt
Michael Thomas

Mairi Campbell
Elspeth Cowey
Helen Kamminga
John Metcalfe

Mark Davies
Rachel Maguire
Robert Woollard

Double Bass:

Harpsichord in Cartoon:
Mark Dav

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* DAT releases were planned but never manufactured.

FACT 226c Kreisler String Orchestra; cassette insert detail
FACT 226c Kreisler String Orchestra; cassette insert detail