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FACD 346 Flak; front cover detail
FACD 346 Flak; front cover detail

Title: Flak
Release date: September 1990 (January 1991)


CS: Factory FACT 346C
CD: Factory FACD 346 [pre-release]
CD: Factory FACD 346
DAT: Factory FACT 346D*


Sciosophy [4:29]
Untitled2 [
There is a Great Weight on my Head Tonight [8:50]
Flak [6:27]

The Cone Gatherers in Three Parts

Part One [6:27]
Part Two [2:02]
Part Three [2:40]
Piano Piece '90 [1:58]
From Yellow to Yellow [1:35]
Piano Piece Early '89 [4:09]
Piano Piece Mid '89 [2:23]
Piano Piece Late '89 2:40]


CD ~ FACD 346 . Mastered By Nimbus


Production: John H. West
Design: Bill Smith Studio

Review (by Stuart Maconie in NME 26 January 1991

If 'Socrate' is the first great find of this current batch, then the young Cornish composer Graham Fitkin is the second. 'Flak' is bursting with great ideas, enthralling moments and imagination. Fitkin is unafraid both of basslines that could come straight from Holland-Dozier-Holland and the pentatonic energy of modern jazzmen like Corea. (9).

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Factory Classical DATs were scheduled but not made.

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FACT 346C Flak; cassette insert detail
FACT 346C Flak; cassette insert detail