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FACD 326 Country Music; front cover detail
FACD 326 Country Music; front cover detail

Release info

Artist: Rolf Hind
Title: Country Music
Release date: September 1990 (January 1991)


CS: Factory Factc 326
CD: Factory FACD 326
DAT: Factory Fact 326d


Percy Grainger

Mock Morris [2:48]
Shepherd's Hey [1:57]

Michael Finnissy

Midsummer Morn [1:51]
I'll Give my Love a Garland [9:28]
Come Beat the Drums and Sound the Fifes [3:04]

James McMillan - Piano Sonata

Adagio [2:43]
Grandioso ed Affretando [8:28]
Adagio [2:14]
Andante [3:04]

Janacek - In the Mists

Molto Adagio [4:27]
Andantino [3:03]
Presto [4:23]
With Drums and Pipes [1:46]

Bartok - Out of Doors

Barcarolla [2:16]
Musettes [2:35]
The Night's Music [5:27]
The Chase [2:05]


~ FACD 326 : Mastered By Nimbus


Production: John Hadden
Design: Bill Smith Studio

Review (by Stuart Maconie in NME 26 January 1991

The highlight of Fac Classical's first batch of releases for me was Rolf Hind's reading of Ligeti's piano etudes. On 'Country Music' the young pianist casts his net wide and effectively from the archly rustic Grainger dances to the flinty wastes of James MacMillan's piano sonata. You're of catholic taste if you can revel in both Janacek's limpid reflections and Finnisy's tightrope of extremities, but overall this is fascinating stuff. (8)

- -

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