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Vini Reilly - Genius poster
'vini reilly - genius' poster designed by 8vo

Poster along the same theme as the cover artwork for Obey The Time. Designed by Mark Holt at 8vo as part of the advertising campaign for that album.

Poster: Vini Reilly - Genius
Factory Communications, Manchester 1990
H: 76cm W: 101cm

One of 8vo's earliest Macintosh-generated designs. A street poster to support the CD release 'Obey the Time' by The Durutti Column. Screen-printed in pink, purple and yellow. 8vo's belief that it's not so much the choice of typeface that's important, but what you do with it, was never more evident than in this poster.

Featured in 8vo: On The Outside and the following books:

'Typography Now', Rick Poynor, Booth-Clibborn, p118.
'Graphic Beat: London/Tokyo' (vol.2), Pie Books, p163.
'International Typography Almanac 1991', Robundo Publishing, p259.