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The Durutti Column Catalogue;
2nd stage.
+ gigantic new album

Released October 5th:

Another Setting
From 1983 with extra tracks: Amigos em Portugal; Menina ao pe duma Piscina; Lisboa; Sara e Tristana; Estoril a Noite; Favourite Descending Intervals; To End With

Without Mercy
From 1984 with extra tracks: Goodbye; The Room; A Little Mercy; Silence; E.E.; Hello(w)

Domo Arigato
From 1985 with extra tracks: Our Lady of the Angels; White Rabbit; When The World (Newson Mix)

Obey The Time
From 1990 with extra tracks: The Together Mix; Fridays; Kiss of Def

New album released October 14th:
Time Was Gigantic... When we were kids

Factory Too