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The Return of the Durutti Column [FBN 114]; front cover detail
The Return of the Durutti Column [FBN 114]; front cover detail

Record label

Factory Benelux

Release date

4 December 2013


Side 1

1. Sketch for Summer
2. Requiem for a Father
3. Katharine
4. Conduct

Side 2

1. Beginning
2. Jazz
3. Sketch for Winter
4. Collette
5. In 'D'
6. Lips That Would Kiss
7. Madeleine

Side 3

1. The First Aspect of the Same Thing

Side 4

1. The Second Aspect of the Same Thing


All tracks written byVini Reilly and produced by Martin Hannett.

Thanks are due to Pete Crooks, bass, Philip ‘Toby’Tomanov, drums, and Eric Random, rhythm box program on 2/6 and 2/7. Thanks also to Gammer for his melody, and Wilson, Rowbotham, Reid and Debord for the sandpaper packaging concept. Die-cut based on a 1978 logo designed by Peter Saville. Portraits by Daniel Meadows.

Album with flexidisc first released in January 1980 on Factory Records (FACT 14).

Tracks 2/6 and 2/7 originally released in October 1980 as a 12" single on Factory Benelux (FAC BN 2).


New Factory Benelux edition on 12" vinyl in a special sleeve with an 11-inch square sheet of coarse glasspaper seated in a recessed deboss. The back cover features period photographs by Daniel Meadows.

The original Hannett 'Test Card' flexi-disc has been converted to a regular non-flexi-disc black vinyl 7" single and this brings commensurately better sound quality.

There are two bonus tracks on the main album itself, 'Madeleine' and 'Lips That Would Kiss' which previously came out on an FBN single in 1980.

Liner notes feature quotes from Vini Reilly, Martin Hannett, Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Daniel Meadows, John Brierley, Bruce Mitchell and members of Joy Division.

The album is available direct from Factory Benelux mailorder from the beginning of December, priced at 25.00 GBP including UK postage. EU please add 4.00 GBP for airmail post. Rest of the World add 6.00 GBP for airmail post. The album will be dispatched in strong cruciform mailer. All enquiries about the album release, postage, etc direct to Factory Benelux please!