The Durutti Column > Line-up

Vini Reilly
Vini Reilly [guitar, piano, machine programs]
Bruce Mitchell
Bruce Mitchell [Gonzo Drum Master, percussion, xylophone, DX machine]
Keir Stewart
Keir Stewart [keyboards, samples, harmonica, production]
Additional performers
Bic [rap on 'Overlord Part One' on Rebellion]
Tony Bowers
Tony Bowers [bass guitar] [left to join Simply Red] [external link]
Peter Hook
Peter Hook [bass guitar] of New Order, Revenge and Monaco
Chris Joyce
Chris Joyce [drums] [left to join Simply Red] [external link]
Sophia Kellar
Sophia Kellar [Tibetan Banjo]
Tim Kellett
Tim Kellett [trumpet] [was later in Olive with Ruth-Ann Boyle] [external link]
Caroline Lavelle
Caroline Lavelle [cello] [external link]
John Metcalfe
John Metcalfe [viola, percussion] [external link] [was Project Co-ordinator on some Factory Classical releases]
Stanton Miranda
Stanton Miranda [vocals] [was founder member of Thick Pigeon]
Zinnia Mitchell-Williams
Zinnia Mitchell-Williams [clarinet, selected writing credits]
Lindsay Reade
Lindsay Reade [vocals] [was married to Anthony H. Wilson and sang on Fac 64]
Stephen Street
Stephen Street [guitar] [external link]
Simon Topping
Simon Topping [trumpet] [was founder member of A Certain Ratio, now a piano tuner]
Vick A. Wood
Vick A. Wood [vocals]
Ruth-Ann Boyle [vocals] of Olive (with Tim Kellett)
Peter Crooks [bass guitar]
Debi Diamond [vocals]
Cowie Eastwood [vocals]
Eleanor [cello]
Maunagh Fleming [cor anglais]
Mervyn Fletcher [sax]
John Gell [violin]
Richard Henry [trombone]
Gerard Keaney [harmonica]
Jez Kerr [bass guitar]
Laurie Laptop [keyboards, programming]
Alain Lefebvre [drums, congas]
Paul Miller [keyboards]
Pol [vocals]
Phil Rainford [vocals]
Eric Random [drum machine programming]
Andy Robinson [keyboards, programming]
Dave Rowbotham [guitar]
Eley Rudge [vocals]
Liu Sola [vocals]
Toby [drums]
Anne Van Den Troost [harp]