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Electronic Sound magazine [Issue 54]

June 2019's Electronic Sound magazine (issue 54) was a Factory Records special, with the focus on the first 100 Factory catalogue numbers. It also included a double seven-inch single featuring A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column, Minny Pops and Section 25.

There is an in-depth analysis of the Factory catalogue from FAC 1 to FACT 100. There's also a previously unpublished interview with Tony Wilson by James Nice in 2005, two years before AHW's death at the age of just 57.

Issue 54 has lots more great interviews too, including A Certain Ratio, Minny Pops, Section 25, and Stephen Morris from Joy Division and New Order, plus additional eye witness accounts from a range of other early Factory artists, such as Cabaret Voltaire, OMD, Crispy Ambulance, John Dowie, Quando Quango, Kevin Hewick and Stockholm Monsters. We also have an archive piece on Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column which originally appeared in NME in 1980.

Format: Magazine 08 pages
Published: 2019

Print magazine and double vinyl
210 X 280 MM / 100 PAGE / SOFT TOUCH COVER

Limited Edition Gatefold Double Seven-Inch Single: 'A Factory Assembly'

A Factory Assembly
Electronic Sound Magazine
2x7" single
June 2019


A: A Certain Ratio - 'Knife Slits Water (seven-inch version)' (1982) [03:52]
B: The Durutti Column - 'Lips That Would Kiss (Form Prayers to Broken Stone)' (1980) [03:49]
C: Minny Pops - 'Dolphin's Spurt' (1981) [02:57]
D: Section 25 - 'Knew Noise' (1980) [04:45]


Released by Electronic Sound
Graphic Design: Mark Hall

Electronic Sound magazine [Issue 54] - A Factory Assembly double seven-inch single