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Idiot Savants; front cover
Idiot Savants; front cover (awaiting better imagery)

Record label

Artful / Fullfill (UK)
Imperial Records International (Japan)

Catalogue number

Japan - TECI-24428

Release date

30 July 2007 [official UK release date]
25 July 2007 [Japanese release date]29 June 2007 [eBay pre-release date via Fullfill]


Better Must Come
Interleukin 2; for Anthony
Please Let Me Sleep
2 Times Nice
No Last Surprise
Gathering Dust
Whisper To The Wind
That Blows My Name Away; for Rachel


The Producer: Keir Stewart

The Guitarist: Vini Reilly
The Singer: Poppy Roberts
The Gonzo Drum Master: Bruce Mitchell

The Photographer: Rachel McFarlane
All tracks written by Vini Reilly
except tracks 1 & 7 by Stewart / Reilly
and 6 by Roberts / Reilly

Track 1 arranged by Stewart / Reilly
Track 2 arranged by Keir Stewart, Track 6 Roberts / Reilly
Track 5 produced by Laurie Keith.
Track 3 produced by Tim Thomas @ Blueprint

A Zillion Dollar Design

Thanks to: Rachel and all Rachel's family, Keir, Poppy and Soaf, Bruce & Jackie, Rebecca, Paul, Ella and Charlie, Zinni, Jamie, Oscar and Alfie, Anthony H Wilson, Michael Pitrick (hairstyle), The Twins, Nat, To all at Fullfill (for money and patience), all of my amazing family, Oklahoma, Dominique, Mateo, (forthcoming book), Mark Prendergast (forthcoming book), Phil Cleaver (Kooky Disk (sic)), Mark Broscombe, and to all the people who have helped us to continue making music especially the human beings who listen to it.

Remember Mr Nuthatch


Thanks to Savanna at Artful for info.