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FACD 2.01 Sex and Death; detail of promotional postcard
FACD 2.01 Sex and Death; detail of promotional postcard

FACD 2.01 Sex and Death was the first release on Factory Too, or at least the first item in the new cataloguing system. This promotional postcard (right) features the artwork from the album (a suitably treated study of Vini Reilly sitting with his guitar). The reverse of the postcard includes details of live dates to coincide with the album's release.

Transcript of the reverse of the postcard

FACD 2.01
Written by Vini Reilly and produced by Stephen Street
Marketed by RTM. Distributed by Pinnacle
This is a Factory release too

Live at the Royal Exchange Manchester, 20 November
Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 23 November
For more information on The Durutti Column, please write to: The Durutti Database, PO Box 21, London W10 8BR

The album

The album itself is quite superb and ranks up there with LC, Vini Reilly and the latest, Someone Else's Party, in the Durutti Column canon of classics. Tracks include 'Anthony' which is, unsurprisingly, for Anthony H. Wilson. Indeed this piece was used by Granada Television to accompany their televisual tribute to the great man. Peter Hook from New Order guests on bass guitar and appeared live with the band at the dates detailed above.


The Rest Of My Life
For Colette
The Next Time
Beautiful Lies
My Irascible Friend
Believe In Me
Where I Should Be
Madre Mio
Blue Period

Facdr 2.11 Sex and Death cd-rom
Facdr 2.11 Sex and Death cd-rom; cover detail

Sex and Death THE CD ROM

Factory Too also released the legendary Facdr 2.11 Sex and Death cd-rom around the same time. It was available by mail order from Factory Too in Mac and PC formats. It was advertised to members of the Durutti Database through a mailshot on Factory Too stationery. This pioneering piece of work has the original audio album at its heart but augments it with video clips, background information and photos of Vini Reilly and the Durutti Column. In homage to the famous Return of the Durutti Column sandpaper sleeve this came in a black sandpaper sleeve. Strangely the full tracklisting of the regular release is not replicated on the cd-rom even though the missing track would fit. It was produced by the Manchester multimedia company 'The Boot Room' using Macromedia software.