The Durutti Column > Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh - 26 November 2005

Review by Andrew James

We almost missed the start of the gig. The lure of happy hour at the City Cafe, over the road from the Cabaret Voltaire caused us to miss the support act, and we only staggered across just as Vini was taking to the stage with no fanfare whatsoever (I actually thought it was a roadie). An early start (c. 8.30pm)! The tiny, subterranean venue held a small but supportive crowd; we stood a few feet back from the stage, within bra-throwing distance.

After the usual self-deprecating hello, ("Thanks for coming and listening to our funny music"), Vini, Keir and Bruce launched into a jam I didn't recognise, but have read elsewhere was Blue Period. Hmmm. Apparently Vin was trying out a new Jimmy Page-designed guitar, though he swapped this for his usual gear after the first number.

Setlist? Well, I can never remember names of Durutti songs, but highlights included a slightly truncated version of Jacqueline (no four minute drum solo tonight :-( ), Sketch For Summer, Sealine Woman, My Mother, Otis, The Beggar. For the first time in living memory, they didn't play The Missing Boy! They did play about three newies, tho' these were pretty much Vini solo. A couple of nice surprises too; Otis segued into (I think) Blind Elevator Girl, and the traditional "Revolver" encore seems to now incorporate a heavy metal version of "Within You Without You". The cheers for more led Vini to proclaim "You're all crazy!".

We were hoping to see Mr Phil Cleaver, but alas there was no merchandise stand. Our mates Dan and Camilla thus had to go home empty handed, though Pat N. managed to see Vini backstage and snag a copy of Keep Breathing.

And that was it. After a quick bite at Favorit, we headed into the night.

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