The Durutti Column > Labradford Second Festival of Drifting - May 1999

Ticket for DC at the Union Chapel
Ticket for Durutti Column at the Union Chapel. Note that Casper Brotzman did not play.
first advert for Union Chapel gig
Press advertising for Union Chapel gig

Labradford's second, ambitious, Festival of Drifting, was played out over 4 days in May 1999. The Union Chapel in Islington was the London venue but complementary programmes of events also took place in Sheffield and Edinburgh. The Durutti Column played in Edinburgh on Tuesday 1st June and before that on Friday 28th May in London. The Union Chapel is an intimate venue - it is a working church - which was perfect for the occasion. The Durutti line-up on the night was Vini, Bruce and Keir.

"Foundation and Blast First presents"

Labradford Second Festival of Drifting

Thu 27th May:
> Labradford
> Pole
> Matmos

Fri 28th May:
> Durutti Column
> Caspar Brotzman
> Dean Roberts

Sat 29th May:
> Papa M (formerly Aerial M)
> Robin Gutherie (sic) (Cocteau Twins)
> Pan American
> Silo

Sun 30th May:
> Chris n' Cosey
> Oval
> Labradford

Union Chapel

Compton Terrace, London, N1
Doors 7.30pm
Tickets £10 Advance

Poster for the Labradford Second Festival of Drifting
Poster for Labradford Second Festival of Drifting at various venues across the UK including the Union Chapel, London N1