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FBN 23 Love Tempo; 7
FBN 23 Love Tempo; 7" front cover detail

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Tracklisting (FBN 23 7")

Love Tempo (Benelux Edit)
Love Tempo (mix)

Tracklisting (FBN 23 12")

Love Tempo
Love Tempo (mix)

Tracklisting (FBN 23 BIS 12")

Love Tempo (Mark Kamins Mix)
Love Tempo (mix)


Factory Benelux, Brussels (Benelux FBN 23 TER)

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Love Tempo by Quando Quango was released as Fac 79 on Factory Records, FBN 23 on Factory Benelux and OFNY 5 on Of Factory New York. Thus, a quite rare 'full house' of all the main Factory offshoots was completed.