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LTMCD 2515 Dirty Disco; front cover detail
LTMCD 2515 Dirty Disco; front cover detail

Release date

March 2008


Knew Noise
Up To You
Dirty Disco
New Horizon
Beating Heart
Looking From A Hilltop (Remix)
Bad News Week
Power Base
Winterland II
Knew Noise (Lounge Version)


All songs written by Section 25 (Copyright Control). The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Section 25.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Jenny Cassidy, Ian Curtis, Rob Gretton, Martin Hannett, Trevor Key, Ruth Polsky and Anthony H. Wilson.

Section 25 would also like to thank Chris Bohn, Rebecca Boulton, Angela Cassidy, Frederic Cotton, Michel Duval, Alan Erasmus, John Grice, Colin Faver, Benoit Hennebert, Kevin Hewick, Stuart Hill, Annik Honore, Peter Hook, Jon Hurst, Dave McCullough, James Nice, John Robb, Peter Saville, Lee Shallcross, Eddie Smith, Bernard Sumner, Paul Wiggin. Photographers: Nat Cassidy, Marc Portee. Layout:

Vocals on lounge version of Knew Noise by Caroline Murphy. Recorded at Sawmills Studio, 2005. Thanks to Chris Anderton for his assistance on recording this track.


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The first 'best of' collection from SXXV, marking 30 years (1978-2008), featuring tracks from all phases, line-ups and albums, as well as an exclusive new 'lounge' version of Knew Noise. Featured producers include Martin Hannett, Bernard Sumner, Donald Johnson and Ian Curtis. Booklet includes archive images and an SXXV appreciation by fellow Blackpool lad John Robb. 15 tracks, 67 minutes of music.