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LTMCD 2500 Part primitiv; front cover detail
LTMCD 2500 Part primitiv; front cover detail

Release date

30 April 2007


Winterland I
Can't Let Go
Poppy Fields
She's So Pretty
Power Base
Better Make Your Mind Up
Ludus Cantus
Winterland II


To follow


"A vibrant, fierce collection of songs played with all the intense, live-wire energy one could want, and well worth the wait" (All Music Guide, 5/07)

"The music on Part-Primitiv is informed by all phases of the band's back-catalogue, incorporating their early post-punk impulse alongside their later disposition towards electronic music. She's So Pretty is one of the band's closest brushes with pop music, while Power Base is a surprisingly straight-forward venture into techno, with its rampaging drum machine" (Boomkat, 5/07)

"Haunting, melancholic beauty - part post-rock, part trance" (Plan B, 6/07)

"Absolutely brilliant. The music remains true to their unique aesthetic in maintaining both the unsettling postpunk of their beginnings, and the electro-pop of the second incarnation" (, 6/07)

"Fantastic album!" (Peter Hook, 2007)

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Part primitiv was produced by the band at West Orange Studio, Preston, in 2007. Stand-out tracks include Can't Let Go, Dream, Carbon and You Never Make Your Mind Up. As the title suggests, the new album combines raw post-punk power with retro-futurist electronics, including two tracks written and sung by Jenny.