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LTMCD 2323 Harmony; front cover detail
LTMCD 2323 Harmony; front cover detail
LTMCD 2323 Harmony; back of inset detail
LTMCD 2323 Harmony; back of inset detail


1. Favour 4.13
2. Heartburn 4.58
3. An Immaculate Conception 5.01
4. Judas 3.18
5. Testament 2.16
6. Patrol 3.30
7. The Old Men 5.50
8. Chance 3.47

9. Something Outside 7.42
10. Host 7.55

11. The Drill 4.18
12. Uniform 5.29
13. Here Comes Everybody 6.58

14. On Our Honeymoon 2.07
15. Give Up 2.35


"The Wake excel in melancholy... raising sparseness to an art form... a kind of rain-spattered beauty" (Philadelphia Weekly, December 2001); "The Wake were as immersed in Glasgow's Postcard pop as they were in Mancunian angst... There's a distinct Josef K gnarling here, while the circular radiance of Favour foretells Primal Scream's Imperial" (Uncut, March 2002); "The songs veer from unsteady, joyous defiance to a broody keyboard-drenched bruised melancholy. Great stuff! The charm of Harmony still hits the spot and has one dancing around the living room" (Tangents, November 2001); "The Drill is an affectionate eulogy to New Order's Everything's Gone Green as if played by Josef K" (In Love With These Times, In Spite of These Times, March 2002)


"A collection of tracks originally released on the Factory, Factory Benelux and Scan 45 labels between 1982 and 1983, plus The Wake's BBC John Peel session from 1983. Cover design by The Wake and James Kay, remodelled for CD by Julien Potter."