LTM Publishing > Black Music - an LTM compilation [LTMCD 2347]

LTMCD 2347 Black Music - an LTM compilation; front cover detail
LTMCD 2347 Black Music - an LTM compilation; front cover detail


Crispy Ambulance - Step Up! (remix)*
Department S - Going Left Right
Blue Orchids - Lover of Nothing
Stockholm Monsters - Terror
Artery - Afterwards*
Section 25 - Part Primitiv*
The Wake - Town of 85 Lights (edit)*
Cath Carroll - True Crime Motel (new version)*
Biting Tongues - Love Out (edit)
Ultramarine - The Place*
Paul Haig - Flight X
Blaine Reininger - Invisible*
Minny Pops - Tracking
Thick Pigeon - Crime
The Passage - My One Request
Ludus - Rosa Luxemburg*
Royal Family & the Poor - Liber OV*
Crawling Chaos - Arabesque

(*) denotes track exclusive to this compilation.


"Shows that there is far more to their roster of artists that the title suggests, Frequently excellent. To provide just a few examples: the mesmeric chill-out of Ultramarine, the almost-Spectoresque arrangement of the Wake's Town of 85 Lights, Blue Orchid's exultant Lover of Nothing, and Thick Pigeon's maverick way with a pop tune" (Leonard's Lair, 6/03); "LTM has quite quickly become a very excellent record label. As far as documenting scenes, they have very few equals, and their packaging is top-notch, loaded with historical information and an amazing amount of unreleased tracks. Black Music is a wonderful little sampler that documents not only LTM's wonderful past, but it also gives hints of what's coming soon. A wonderful document from a label that is fast becoming essential" (, 6/03); "Soothes your post-existentialist hangover" (Glasgow Herald, 7/03)


A 70 minute collection of material from LTM and The Boutique Label, including previously unreleased tracks* exclusive to this compilation. Initial quantities of Black Music include a bonus nine track in-concert CD by Crispy Ambulance titled Atlantic Crossing, recorded in 2002 and unavailable elsewhere. Made in England. LTMCD 2347.