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Atlantean; front cover detail
Atlantean; front cover detail
Atlantean; inside cover detail
Atlantean; inside cover detail

Release date

First released in 1995. Re-released 2004.


CD single

Catalogue number



01. Atlantean (4.05)
02. TransSaharan (6.16)
03. Olympian (4.05)


1. Atlantean (A. Macpherson / JJ Love)
2. TranSaharan (A. Macpherson)
3. Olympian (A. Macpherson)

All songs copyright control
(P) & © 1995/2004

Katrina Docherty: Vocals
Alexander Macpherson: Music

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CD single from ex-Wake / Cat Club bassist Alex Macpherson. Featuring Jane Jardine Love on Vocals.

Atlantean has a laid back groove with haunting female vocal (BPM 110). TransSaharan is a sublime instrumental tribute to Ralf, Florian, Karl & Wolfgang, with an exotic eastern influence. Olympian is instrumental version of Atlantean. 'Olympian' is being used for a BP Eden Project video.

First released (1995) Re-released (with track 2) 2004. Mint.

Atlantean; full cover detail
Atlantean; full cover detail