Version History | Cerysmatic Factory | Factory Records

Version History | Cerysmatic Factory | Factory Records

A Brief Version History of Cerysmatic Factory


Updated .htaccess file to force the https version of the site to be loaded [24.10.19].

Back in the Cellar Instagram feed removed from News page as it appeared to be causing the site to hang on loading due to scripting issues. [17.10.19]

Work resumes on site following extended hiatus inspired by renewed interest and impending 40th anniversary shenanigans, exhibitions, podcasts, etc. Various tech improvements including https protocols enabled across the site including the FeedBurner feeds which drive the various highlights listings. 'Back in the Cellar AHW' Instagram feed embedded on the News page. Search box removed due to personal preference.

2018 to Summer 2019

Site on hiatus.


Partial resumption of site limited to posting artefacts contained in the AHW Archives at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Site moved to and

May 2015 - April 2017

Site on hiatus.

21 March 2008

Cerysmatic Factory 10th Birthday

August 2003 - April 2015

Site hosted on with Blogger-based news pages.


Early iteration of site.