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Cerysmatic Factory - an unofficial history

Cerysmatic Factory is an unofficial history of Factory Records, the (now defunct) independent record label from Manchester, England. Cerysmatic Factory is not a record label, nor is it affiliated with, or part of, Factory Records in any of its current or previous iterations. Cerysmatic Factory is also about the labels that followed Factory Communications including Factory Too and F4 Records (but it's not affiliated to those labels either!).

Please also note that Cerysmatic Factory is NOT a record label and as such doesn't accept demos.

Please note that if you wish to know where to purchase Factory Records vinyl, CDs, posters, memorabilia, etc or to ask if any of my collection is for sale please note the following. None of my collection is for sale - it is a private collection. Whilst Factory material is admittedly rare in some instances, particularly memorabilia, there are a few sources worth pursuing: Vinyl Revival in Manchester stocks a section of Factory vinyl and the occasional poster.

Some useful Manchester record shop addresses:

Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton Street, Manchester, M4 1LP [great record shop with some Factory specialities including T-shirts]
Vinyl Exchange, 18 Oldham Street [excellent collectors' shop]
Piccadilly Records, Smithfield Buildings, 51 Oldham St [new and used records]
King Bee, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy

Try also the following good online retailers / auction sites.


The site is the work of John Cooper but he couldn't have done it without the help of loads of other people. See the credits.

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