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Standstill to Motion [LTMCD 2566]; front cover detail
Standstill to Motion [LTMCD 2566]

Release date

16 January 2012

Catalogue number

LTMCD 2566 (Barcode: 502 4545 6291 25)


CD/DVD + download



1. Wong
2. Lights
3. Trance
4. Mountain
5. Blue Roses
6. Kogel
7. Mental
8. Jets
9. Time
10. Island
11. Vital
12. Son
13. Tracking
14. Dream
15. Crack

Bonus DVD

1. Kogel
2. Stralers
3. Time
4. Mono
5. Dream
6. Wong
7. Lights
8. Trance
9. Een Kus
10. Crack
11. Goddess
12. New Muzak
13. Total Confusion
14. Mono
15. M.D. Mania
16. Dolphin's Spurt


Formed in 1978 in Amsterdam by imposing vocalist Wally van Middendorp, Minny Pops took their name from the primitive Korg drum machine that propelled their stark, confrontational post-punk rhythms. Their association with Factory saw them work with producer Martin Hannett, share stages with Joy Division and New Order, gain critical acclaim for their album Sparks in A Dark Room and singles such as Dolphin's Spurt and Time, and become the first Dutch act to record a John Peel session.

Standstill to Motion documents a band captured at the height of their headstrong, rhythmic powers at Amsterdam's legendary Melkweg venue on 19 March 1981. The 15-track set has been newly mixed and mastered by Reinier Rietveld, an acclaimed soundscape artist and ex-member of Factory labelmates Quando Quango.

The deluxe package also includes a 16-track bonus DVD, Live in Amsterdam and New York, featuring highlights drawn from performances at Amsterdam's Oktopus club and Film Akademie between 1979 and 1982, as well as legendary New York clubs Hurrah and the Peppermint Lounge. Format is NTSC, Region 0.