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Kalima - LTMCD 2407 Kalima!; front cover detail
Kalima - LTMCD 2407 Kalima!; front cover detail

Release date

7 March 2005

Catalogue number

LTMCD 2407


That Twinkle (In Your Eye)
Sad And Blue
Over The Waves
Now You're Mine
The Strangest Thing
Special Way
Autumn Leaves

Extra tracks

Weird Feelings
The Dance
Whispered Words
Sugar And Spice
In Time (Version)

- -

The 64 minute CD contains six bonus tracks drawn from the 12" singles Weird Feelings and Whispered Words, as well as the rare song Rainforest, previously only available on an Artists For Animals benefit compilation. The booklet features detailed sleevenotes and images of the band.

Many thanks to James Nice for info and media.