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"LTM are pleased to announce a deluxe 2xCD reissue of the sole album by Revenge, the electro/hard rock hybrid fronted by New Order bass player Peter Hook between 1989 and 1992." The album is due for release on 2 February 2004. Check out the Revenge catalogue and biography on the LTM website for more information and stockists.

Revenge LTMCD 2375 one True Passion V2.0; front cover detail
Revenge LTMCD 2375 one True Passion V2.0; front cover detail


Disc One: "One True Passion V2.0"

Televive 3.59
The Wilding 4.33
Deadbeat 4.52
State of Shock 6.25
Little Pig 3.32
Cloud 9 4.52
Jesus I Love You 6.54
Pineapple Face 5.29
Big Bang 4.25
Slave 5.09
14K 5.50
Bleachman 4.48
Surf Nazi 3.58
7 Reasons (demo) 4.05
Amsterdam 3.42
It's Quiet 3.00

Disc Two: "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Underworld 3.35
Deadbeat (Gary Clail dub) 4.38
State of Shock (US edit) 5.57
Pineapple Face's Big Day (US remix) 6.00
Pineapple Face (Pickering & Park remix) 6.05
The Trouble With Girls 5.00
Wende 3.00
Slave (Joe Smooth edit) 3.39
Iím Not Your Slave (US remix) 5.52
Hot Nights / Cool City 6.04
Surf Bass 0.49
Bleach Boy 5.03
Soul 3.53
Kiss the Chrome 5.45
Fag Hag 5.12
Precious Moments 2.02
Pumpkin 4.26


The band project lead by Peter Hook of Joy Division, New Order and Monaco between 1989 and 1992, now remastered to include singles, remixes and previously unreleased demo tracks. The original Factory Records album One True Passion (1990) and ep Gun World Porn (1992) are now augmented with a full-length bonus CD Be Careful What You Wish For. Booklet features detailed sleevenotes and full recording information. Two and a half hours of music. An LTM compact disc 2004. Made in England.

All tracks produced by Revenge. Recorded and mixed at Suite 16 Studios, Rochdale, Manchester. Engineered by Michael Johnson. Album mixed by Alan Meyerson at Larrabee Sound using B.A.S.E. Gun World Porn ep tracks mixed by Keith Andrews at Amazon.

Tracks 1.1. and 1.2 engineered and co-produced by Roger Lyons. Track 2.2 mixed by Gary Clail. Track 2.4 mixed by Ron St Germain. Additional production and remix on 2.5 by Mike Pickering and Graeme Park. Track 2.6 mixed by David Bianco. Track 2.8 mixed by Joe Smooth. Track 2.9 mixed by Bobby Simmons and Daddy-O.

Writing credits (OTP): tracks 1 to 6 by Hook/Jones/Potts; tracks 7 to 14 and 16 by Hook/Jones/Hicks; track 15 by John Cale. Writing credits (BCWYWF): tracks 1 to 3 by Hook/Jones/Potts; tracks 4 to 12 by Hook/Jones/Hicks; track 13 by Hook/Jones/Potts; tracks 14 to 16 by Hook/Jones/Hicks; track 17 by Hook/Jones/Potts.

All tracks published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd/Copyright Control. Amsterdam by John Cale published by Universal Music Limited.

Original OTP (Fact 230) album running order: Pineapple Face, Big Bang, Kiss the Chrome, Slave, Bleach Man, Surf Nazi, 7 Reasons, Fag Hag, It's Quiet.

Original art direction by Peter Saville. Photography by Suze Randall. Special thank to David Hinds. Styling by Donna Bertolino. Hair and makeup by Alexis Vogel. Jewellery courtesy of Lipservice LA. Design by PSA London. Reworked for this CD by Julien Potter at The Box Room. Band photographs (1991) by Louise Rhodes.

All tracks released under license from Peter Hook. Mastered for CD by Roger Lyons at Spa Audio Services. Tracks sequenced and edited by Peter Hook and Roger Lyons in September 2003.

Thanks to: Peter Hook, David Potts, Frank Brinkhuis, Claude Flowers, David Hinds, Roger Lyons, Daren Nicholls, Andy Robinson. Very special thanks to Robert Elfving.

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From Q magazine

The full remastered horror from New Order's bassist's first solo venture. Peter Hook, was so miffed when Bernard Sumner formed Electronic with Johnny Marr in 1989 that he did New Order all over again without him, or indeed "The Other Two". The result was not inspiration-free, but every New Order signature was reprised in rockier, paler form, with only Hook's bass stomping through. Even he, though, now admits he chose the wrong guitarist / vocalist in Dave Hicks. The best moments here, The Wilding and Televive, are new recordings of unreleased tracks from the period - they now open the album, which indicates he's learnt his lesson. Martin Aston