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Pineapple Face
Capitol C5-15559 (Fac 267) Pineapple Face, 5-track US cd single; front cover detail

Available in the UK as FAC(D) 267 this single was also available in the USA on Capitol


Pineapple Face's Big Day* (remix)
Pineapple Face (LP version)**
Pineapple Face's Edit
Bleach Boy+
Pineapple Face Calls It A Day


Produced and Recorded by REVENGE. Engineered by Michael Johnson. Mixed by Alan Meyerson at Larrabee Sound using the B.A.S.E. *Remixed by Ron St Germain

Written by Hook, Hicks & Jones.
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd. Adm. in the Western Hemisphere by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
** From the Compact Disc, Cassette and Album, "ONE TRUE PASSION". + Previously unreleased.

Art Direction by Peter Saville. Photographed by Suze Randall, assisted by David Hinds. Styled by Donna Bertolino.
Hair and make-up by Alexis Vogel. REVENGE girl Keita. Design by PSA London.

Pineapple Face
Fac 267 Pineapple Face, press release, 'another Mancunian Testament of Terpsichory...' Indeed