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Mind Made Up  [front cover detail]
Mind Made Up [front cover detail]

Release date

7 June 2010


Compact disc




1. I feel light
2. Down, down, down
3. Everything is good
4 Way to escape
5. Rialto 2006
6. Mind made up
7. Teri
8. Bird to the ground
9. Starlight
10. Which is reality?
11. Skunk
12. Very busy man
13. I Feel Light (Dub)


To follow.

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Welcome LTM re-release of ACR's 2008 album first released in November 2008 on the Son du Maquis label.

"Produced by Ratio in Manchester between 2006 and 2009, Mind Made Up marks a stunning return to hard-edged funky form. 'The songs are timeless and true to ACR's roots,' says Donald Johnson. 'The emphasis was placed on keeping it simple in the studio. Trickery was kept to a minimum and we never took more than three takes on any track.' Adds Martin Moscrop: 'Most songs we jammed in rehearsal one week and recorded the next, so that they were rough round the edges. And the lyrics are some of the best Jez has ever produced. You'll also hear old ACR influences throughout the album. Teri was actually the first song ACR ever wrote, but it has never been recorded or released until now.'"