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Recycled red girder from FAC 51 The Hacienda recycled and now at home in the Control Room of Dead Frog Studios
Recycled red girder from FAC 51 The Hacienda recycled and now at home in the Control Room of Dead Frog Studios

Dead Frog Studios

Dead Frog Studios bought a steel girder at the Hacienda Auction and now it takes pride of place in their Control Room. The following is an edited extract of the full story which can be found at www.deadfrogstudio.co.uk, the official website. It tells the story of one red column...

Gary Sargent -- "The beam came about when the members of Northern Congress, Chris Goodwin, Paul and I, where sat in the old control room, now the office area, discussing expansion plans for the new control area, which at the time had just been constructed and was still an empty space. Paul was saying that he needed a steel beam for an idea that he had in mind and was trying to explain his idea to me, to be honest I had no idea what he meant at the time. I was trying to think of places I could get hold of such a thing, but was getting nowhere. We had finished recording for the night and Chris and I were getting off home. We were talking about the auction that I was going to the next day, Saturday, of Hacienda memorabilia, which was actually parts of the club that had recently been demolished to make way for some new apartments. We had both been regulars at the club, during the heady days of the late 80's and early 90s."

"The club had meant a great deal to both me and Chris, as we not only had been regulars, experiencing the birth of the House Music scene, but we had been involved in others ways too. Chris has been involved with the Manchester music scene for years, in bands such as The High. I had been involved with K-klass, as a Tour Manager, who played at the club on numerous occasions."

"Lot No. 62 was called as, one of the steel beams that had been the columns on the dance floor, pictured above. All of a sudden the conversation that I was having with Paul the night before came into my head and I though--nice one. I think the bidding started at £10, then went to £20, I stuck my hand up and bid £30. No further bids were taken and I was the proud owner of a steel beam. I think the others went for between £80 and a £100 or so. I'm sure Peter Hook from New Order bought the yellow and black striped one, that can be seen in the foreground, ours is the red one the furthest away."

Extracts and images from www.deadfrogstudio.co.uk used with permission

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