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Hacienda interior - the Hot night swimming pool
The interior of the Hacienda; the swimming pool (!) installed for HOT night circa 1988
Hacienda interior - detail showing the columns with coloured hazard striping
The interior of the Hacienda, postcard
Fac 104 The Tube at Fac 51 the Hacienda featuring Madonna
Madonna made her legendary appearance first appearance on British television on The Tube at the Hacienda (Fac 104). The whole programme was broadcast from the Hacienda and had a strong Factory theme. The Factory All-Stars featuring Bernard Sumner, Donald Johnson and members of various other Factory bands played at the end of the show with a selection of Factory classics. [photo: Kevin Cummins - with thanks]
Hacienda interior
The interior of the Hacienda, from postcard sold at the Sublime: The Sol Mix exhibition
Hacienda interior - detail
The interior of the Hacienda; detail of the dancefloor

All photos from Fac 351 The Hacienda Must Be Built, the book by John Savage except where stated