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FACD 316 I Fagiolini, The Art of Monteverdi
FACD 316 I Fagiolini, The Art of Monteverdi; front cover detail

Title: The Art of Monteverdi
Release date: September 1990


CS: Factory Factc 316
CD: Factory FACD 316
DAT: Factory Fact 316d


Altri canti d'Amor (8) [8:56]
Interrotte speranze (7) [2:58]
Lamento della ninfa (8) [5:58]
Ninfa che scalza il piede (8) [4:59]
Quell' augellin (4) [2:07]
Piagne e Sospira (4) [3:52]
Si ch'io vorrei morire (4) [2:42]
Vorrei baciarti (7) [4:11]
Quel sguardo sdegnosetto (10) [2:33]
Gira, il nemico (8) [5:27]
Vago augelletto (8) [4:38]
Ohimeil bel viso (6) [4:21]
Lamento d'Arianna (6) [11:17]


~ FAC-316 R/7-A1 *, Max
~ FAC-316 R/7-B1 *, Max

CD ~ FACD 316 . Mastered By Nimbus


Production: Jeremy Summerly
Design: Bill Smith Studio

Review (by Stuart Maconie in NME 26 January 1991

Few Northside fans will be set alight by I Fagiolini's rendition of Monteverdi's secular works which is a pity, since its clean, elegant lines are infinitely preferable for chilling out to than Ambient House or that crap Enigma single. I wouldn't know a good Monteverdi from a Swans B-side but it sounds terrific to me. (7)

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The numbers after each track title refers to the Monteverdi music 'Book' it is taken from.

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