Posters > FAC 131 It isn't only low-life

it isn't only low-life who record for factory
FAC 131 it isn't only lowlife who record for factory; poster


small print reads 'the album collection 84/85 from factory by way of pinnacle and rough trade/the cartel FAC 131'; poster promoting forthcoming releases including low-life (fact 100) by New Order, Alma Mater (fact 80) by Stockholm Monster, Two Crazy Cowboys (fact 85) by Thick Pigeon, Without Mercy (fact 84) by The Durutti Column, The Project (fact 95) by The Royal Family and The Poor and as-of-then untitled albums by Quando Quango (fact 110 - Pigs and Battleships) and The Wake (fact 130 - Here Comes Everybody)