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Ruined In A Day cassette single; insert detail
Ruined In A Day cassette single; insert detail


Ruined In A Day (radio edit)
Vicious Circle (the New Order mix)
Ruined In A Day (12 inch Bogle mix)
Ruined In A Day (live mix)


Written by Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Bernard Sumner
Mix 1, 3 & 4 produced by Stephen Hague
Mix 1 Mix engineer Mike 'Spike' Drake. Track 2 produced by New Order.
Edit engineer Owen Morris, remix engineer Michael Haas
Mix 3 & 4 additional production and remix by Sly & Robbie for Taxi Productions & Handel Tucker for the Jamaican Groove Society
Chat by the Reverend Baddo. Remix engineer John Poppo & Grant Austin
Mixed at Quad Studios New York

(P) 1993 Centredate Co Ltd © 1993 Centredate Co Ltd
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Centredate Co Ltd.
Art direction Peter Saville. Designed by Howard & Jimmy @ Icon.

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The video for Ruined In A Day was directed by Keith Allen. It features a man holding a sign which says 'Joey Gnome' which is a corruption of 'Going home'.