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Northside Live video front cover detail
Northside Live; front cover detail

Granada Television in association with Windsong Video Production

VHS video; catalogue number WIV 002; Northside recorded live at the PSV Club (formerly the Russell Club / Factory) playing an hour long set comprising their first two singles and most debut album 'Chicken Rhythms'; Northside in the area!

(Not very favourable) Q magazine review

(Windsong, 65 mins)

Visual proof of Northside's shortcomings. Their two singles to date, Let's Take A Trip (sic) and the more contagious My Rising Star, are typical of the New Pop - danceable, in a floppy rather than groovematic way, with vague, airy vocals to match the lyrics' vague, airy sentiments, although Timmy Walsh's chattering guitar jangle deftly weaves ribbons around the maypole of a rhythm. But after 10 songs of same, it is clear that this particular bit of the zeitgest has been lifted hook, line and sinker from The Velvet Underground's delicious What Goes On.

Neither do Northside liven up on stage. On this showing - Manchester's PSV Club, October 1990 - they've got all the presence of non-speaking parts on Brookside. In a year, Northside might be hitting the mark. Right now? But it's not their fault; they've gotten off their arses, written some songs or adapted one anyway, got a record deal, even made the Top 60. It's the rest of the country who can't come up with any better youth pop that should be blamed for Northside Live being state-of-the-art material [2 stars] Martin Aston

Northside Live video back cover detail
Northside Live; back cover detail

Tracklisting and credits

Recorded at the PSV Club
Manchester 8th October 1990

Shall We Take A Trip
Practice Makes Perfect
Funky Munky
Who's To Blame
The Weight of Air
Moody Places
A Change Is On Its Way
Tour De World
My Rising Star
Yeah Man

All songs by Warren Dermody (Vocals) Cliff Ogier (Bass Guitar) Timmy Walsh (Lead Guitar) Paul Walsh (Drums)

Running Time 1 Hour 5 Minutes

With thanks to The PSV, Catherine Buchanan, Anthony Wilson and Macca
Executive Producer Stuart Prebble
Produced and Directed by Steven Lock

All rights reserved © Granada TV 1990 by arrangement with Factory Communications Ltd., Manchester, England

Art by Central Station Design

Northside Live video spine detail