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LTMCD 2386 Chicken Rhythms & Extras
LTMCD 2386 Chicken Rhythms & Extras; front cover detail


Take 5
Weight of Air
Funky Munky
A Change Is On Its Way
Yeah Man
Tour de World
Wishful Thinking
Shall We Take A Trip?
Who's To Blame
Practise Makes Perfect
My Rising Star (12")
Moody Places (12")
Tour de World (live)
Yeah Man (live)
Who's To Blame (instrumental)
My Rising Star (instrumental)


Thanks to: all families of the band. Michael Upton, Nikko, Nick, Meaty, Big Tim Walsh (photos), Iain Key, Tommy G, Daz G, John Mc, Lee B, Craig Cash, Tony The Greek, Terry Christian, James Nice, Jack Barron, Tony Wilson, The Matherettes, Simon Dudfield, Mandi James, John Slater, Everett True, John Robb, Derek Ryder, Central Station Design, Dele Fadele, Mani, Dean Dermody (original cartoon artwork), Tony & Chris (The Real People), Martin Mittler, Bob Stanley, Skunk, Jimmy Sherlock, Macca, and all other believers and anyone I've forgotten (you know who you are, you're my rising stars).

Chicken Rhythms + Extras is dedicated to the memory of Steven & Robo.

Tracks 1 to 10 originally released as the album Chicken Rhythms on Factory Records (Fact 310) in June 1991. Recorded at The Windings and Amazon, early 1991. Mixed at Rockfield Studios.

Tracks 11 and 16 originally released as a single on Factory Records (Fac 298) in October 1990. Recorded and mixed at Rockfield Studios, September 1990.

Track 12 originally released as a single b-side on Factory Records (Fac 268) in June 1990. Recorded at The Music Station, London, April 1990.

Tracks 13 and 14 are live tracks recorded at Manchester Academy on 11 November 1990. Originally released as bonus tracks on the German and Japanese editions of the album Chicken Rhythms.

Track 15 originally released as a single b-side on Factory Records (Fac 308) in May 1991. Recorded at Amazon Studios. Mixed at Rockfield Studios. Congos by Karlos Edwards.

All tracks produced by Ian Broudie.
All tracks engineered by Cenzo Townshend.

All tracks written by Northside
(Warner Chappell Music)
All titles released under licence from Northside.
Northside were Warren Dermody (vocals), Cliff Ogier (bass), Timothy Walsh (guitar) and Paul Walsh (drums).

LTM reissue co-ordination by James Nice.
Original sleeve design (Fac298) by Central Station Design.
CD layout by Julien Potter @ The Boxroom.
Thanks to Warren Dermody, Iain Key, Frank Brinkhuis, John Cooper.
Special thanks to Robert Elfving.

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From the back cover: "The debut album from Manchester band Northside, produced by Ian Broudie and originally released by Factory Records (FACT 310) in June 1991. Digitally remastered 71 minute cd includes six bonus tracks from singles and overseas editions. Booklet includes band biography and images. Original cover art by Central Station Design. An LTM Compact Disc. Released under licence from Northside. Made in EU."

Thanks to Iain, James and Dermo.