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LTMCD 2342 Too Crazy Cowboys
LTMCD 2342 Too Crazy Cowboys; front cover detail
LTMCD 2342 Too Crazy Cowboys
LTMCD 2342 Too Crazy Cowboys; back cover detail

Compact disc reissue on LTM

LTMCD 2342 Too Crazy Cowboys. The classic second Factory album. Available to buy now from LTM Publishing.


1. Troglodytes
2. Sudan
3. Crime
4. Help
5. Fred + Andy
6. Misuse
7. Nuns + Soldiers
8. DB
9. Babcock + Wilcox
10. Jess + Bart
11. Hank

12. Wheels Over Indian Trails
13. Wheels Over Indian Trails (Version)
14. Pope


From the LTM website:

"Office favourite!" (Jockey Slut, 5/03); "Throughout a mood of unsettling drama is present with the excellent Jess + Bart perhaps being their defining moment. Oddly, this album is a considerably less dated affair than many of today's current drop of electro-clash revivalists" (Leonard's Lair, 4/03); "Good to hear it again. Do yourself a favour and check this album out forthwith" (Tangents, 4/03); "Creates a disquieting, oblique soundworld all of it's own devices" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 4/03)

"1983's Too Crazy Cowboys is particularly arresting, not least because of the time that has elapsed since its making. Working with New Order's Gillian Gilbert and Steve Morris, their use of studio-generated effects, concussed vocals and techno rhythms are like ghostly suggestions of today's electronica scene, whispered down the decades from a more spartan age." (Uncut, June 2004)


The 1984 Factory Records album (Fact 85) by Thick Pigeon, produced by Be Music.
Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with bonus single and compilation tracks recorded for Factory Benelux and Factory US.
Featured musicians include Stanton Miranda, Carter Burwell, Steve Morris, Gillian Gilbert, Thurston Moore and John Robie.

Full recording information and biography in booklet.
An LTM compact disc 2003. Made in England