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Originally I did a session at Graveyard studios in June 1980 to do 5 songs for the Quartet but I didn't get that many songs down. I'd never been in a proper recording studio before, I was already nervous but to add to that Tony Wilson had rung me the night before to say the three surviving members of Joy Division (Ian had died a month before) wanted to do the session with me! We did get two songs down, one of which "Haystack" ended appearing on the "From Brussels with love" cassette. My nerve's really got the better of me on my solo stuff, I didn't get through a single complete take. After that Tony asked about the live tapes I'd got - I'd been very keen on getting cassettes done off mixing desks where possible and had reel to reels of five out of my six Roy Harper supports in May '80 - Glyn Wood and Dave Pringle, Roy's crew,had been happy to slip my blank reels on before taping Harper's main spot.
- Kevin Hewick talking to Cerysmatic Factory about FACT 24 A Factory Quartet