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FACD 335 Laugh; front cover detail
FACD 335 Laugh; front cover detail
FACD 335 Laugh; back cover detail
FACD 335 Laugh; back cover detail

Release date

June 1992


LP [Fact 335]/ CD [FACD 335]/ Cassette [Fact 335c]

Run-out groove

LP - FACT-335-A1*, Max, Thanks to Steve, Mark + Paul; FACT-335-B1*, Max, Pouls!
CD - FACD 335. 1:2 Mastered by Nimbus


Adventure Baby
Winter Plume
Barking Mad
Get Up, Get Out
Captain Scarlet
How Mortal We Are
Wheelaway (My Yesterday)
Travis And Perkins (Plumbing And Building Supplies)


Promo listening cassette [Fact 335p]


Barking Mad
Winter Plume
Adventure Baby


Produced by Steve Lillywhite end Mark Stuart
Engineered by Mark Stuart - Mixed by Mark Stuart
Recorded and Mixed at MAD HAT STUDIO, Wolverhampton
All Songs by Tedstone/Atherton/Bramwell (T.A.B.)

The Adventure Babies are:
Dave Atherton: Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals
Maxine Bailey: Vocals
Jez Bramwell: Vocals
Philip Goodall: Keyboards, Programming and Vocals
Richard Hall: Double Bass, Bass Guitar and Vocals
Roger Johns: Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Eddie Morton: Guitair, Squeeze Box and Vocals
Matt Tedstone: Lead Vocals and Piano
Trombone on Wheelaway: John Johnson from the Soul Survivors

For More Information and Merchandise
PO. Box 129 South, D.O. Manchester M20 9AB


Entertainment Services and Management
Danny Macintosh and Reg Halsall
FAX: 061 445 2306

With Special Thanks To:

Warwick Avenue Mob: Ange, Karen, Jacqui, Jane, Debbie, Chu, Mon, Cathy The A Team; Spout, Nick, Madin plus Pete, Mad Dog and all at NWSC, Ronnie for T-Shirts. Keppel Road Mob: Jane, Martin, Rob. The Two Anna's and Louise, Guy Nelson, Axel and Debbie, Andy and Sarah, Bob, all at IAS, all Mums and Dads (for having us) and Families, Continental Pastry for the grub. Carvers for the wobble board, Raj Tandouri, Diane and Pete, Joan and Ray Sheridan, Suede docs for sentimental value, Steve Ronson, Andy Whit, May, Smiley Cooper, Siobhan, Ronya (The lst of Many Adventure Babies), Nigel, Tim, Tess, Clare, Viv!, Warren, Nikki, June, Dave Boyd, Paul Radzyg , Wolfgang, Dave & Carol, Eric, Phil Wildman, Johnny Alien, Anthony and Mik Shanley at the Lord Nelson, Clive, Alison, Rachel, Gaby, Mo the Grass rave head, Justine and all of the Swiss Family Wilkinson, Piglet Powell, Frank Delicompagni of the F.G. group, Phill Bradbury, Chrissie, Sharon, Mark Stanway, Azaad, Friends at and of Comart Systems, Emis, Robert, Jeremy, Tino and Henry, Mick Brophy at Amek, Hamish McColl, Dave Huntley-Forrest, Wildy, Kelsay (good fun, great mum), Carlie (Keep on Dancing), Darrel (Batman) Johns, Marianne and Kev, Irvin and Pearl for patience and support, K-CHELL F.C., Rob McCutcheon, Zip Theatre and Jo, Tony Wilson, Phil Saxe, Chris Smith, Alan Erasmus and all at Factory Communications; Kirsty Booth, Steve Lewis, Ingrid Brandstatter and all Virgin Music; John Reid and Nick Bron at London Records, Steve Mason at Pinnacle; Deborah Hughes, John Grant, Pal Grant, Richard Steel, Michael Grant for the cymbals; Tony Michaelides Promotions, Tony, Estelle, Lee and Mark; Out Promotions, Rob Partridge, Neil Storey, Pandora; Andrew Lamb, Ian Whitham, Paul Coudrey, Vivian at Ernst Young; Richard Bagshot for the Law; Ian Wright at XL Talent; John Stewart, Brian (Vulch) Wiikin, Andrew, Daniel and Lisa Macintosh; Danny Keliy for his honest opinion; Alan Lord from ALC for programming advice; Delphine and Bidule for putting up with Reg; The Management, Danny and Reg, and anyone else that we forgot SOZ!

Central Station Design
Photography Mick Green

Review of the album from Q magazine

From Manchester, To Hell With Burgundy's debut slavishly mimic's Love's Forever Changes from 1967 with considerable panache, leaving you wondering why they'd want to subjugate their own muse so completely to another's. THWB go the whole hog - sparkling acoustic guitars and baroque arrangements, reedy strings, bossa nova and flamenco rhythms and handclaps and Bacharach / David-style lush detailed songwriting wrung through with a wash psychedelic pop, all with that precious air of winsome naivety. Only the Tijuana brass is missing. Still, if someone told you Earthbound was Forever Changes's long lost outtakes, you'd be enthralled, so accomplished is the job. [3 stars] Martin Aston

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A 60" x 40" promotional poster exists which advertises both the Laugh album and the Barking Mad single.

Fact 335p Laugh promotional listening cassette; front cover detail
Fact 335p Laugh promotional listening cassette; front cover detail