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The Ten Events: To Celebrate Manchester
The Ten Events: To Celebrate Manchester

The Ten Events: To Celebrate Manchester

1. Art
peter saville associates / "the other decade" / at the City Art Gallery, opening Saturday July 12th.

2. Fashion
"clothing the naked flesh with plastic flowers" / at the Hacienda, by the Hacienda the Green Room and Vidal Sassoon Hair on Sunday July 13th, 8.p.m., Tickets £2.00 and £1.50.

3. Photography
"cummins ten" / exhibition and postcards by Kevin Cummins at the Cornerhouse, opening Saturday July 12th.

4. Book
"the back pages" / by Richard Boone, Cath, Liz and associates.

5. Music
"the great hall show" / Maggie Clark sings Chaos in Cancerland, and the Durutti Column, Staging by Jamie Reid and Rob Gray at Manchester Town Hall. Monday July 14th.
"seymour meets alan at the factory" / The Bodines and James at the PSV / Russell Club, Hulme, Tuesday July 15th.
"wise up" / The Jazz Defektors, Tommy Chase and Kalima at the Ritz, Wednesday July 16th.
"back in the cellar" / Easterhouse, Happy Mondays and the Weeds at Rafters, Thursday July 17th.
"more labels than one" / The Railway Children and Distant Cousins at the Boardwalk, Friday July 18th/
"later that night" / The Faction at the Gallery, Friday July 18th.
All concerts from Monday to Thursday, doors open 8p.m., tickets £3.00 in advance, £3.50 on the door.

6. Seminar
"the new, new music seminar" at the Gay Traitor, Whitworth Street, Manchester, 10 till 2, July 12th to July 20th excepting Sundays.

7. Merchandising
The T-shirt, the poster, the postcards, the set of posterssss, the boiler suit, the badge, by Peter Saville Associates and Acme Total Merchandising Ltd.

8. Design
"a different kitchen" / an exhibition of graphics and typography arranged by Malcolm Garrett and Assorted Images at the Cavendish Room of the Polytechnic, opening July 12th.

9. Film & Video
July 12th to July 20th at the Cornerhouse, Includes "Stop Making Sense" / "Swindle" / "Rude Boy" / "Born In Flames". Plus special previews of Ikon and Doublevision in Japan, and Granada Television / the punk archive collection, and also European premieres of "Pretty In Pink", Friday July 18th and "Sid and Nancy", Sunday July 20th.

10. G-Mex: The Tenth Event
July 19th at the Greater Manchester Exhibition Centre:
A Certain Ratio, The Smiths, New Order, The Fall, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, Pete Shelley, The Worst.
Special Guests: John Cale, John Cooper Clarke, Steve Diggle, Margi Clarke, Steve Naive, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Sandie Shaw.
Tickets £13.00, £14 on day.
Comperes: Bill Grundy, Paul Morley. DJ: Jerry Dammers.