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CDROB 50 Change The Station; front cover detail
CDROB 50 Change The Station; front cover detail

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Listen To The Sound
Some Day
Your On Your Own
Waiting For You
Yeah Boy
Sister Brother
Samba 123
Do Du Beep
Golden Balls
Funk Off


Thanks to Denise Johnson, Lorna Bailey, Liam Mullan, Rob Gretton, Robin McMillan and everybody at robsrecords.

Soundtools edits Andy Robinson
Typography Graham Newman, digital images Julia Fenton

Written and produced by A Certain Ratio at the Soundstation Studios, Manchester England. All songs copyright control.

For further information contact ACR at robsrecords, 11 Whitworth Street West, Manchester M1 5WG.
Telephone +44 161 237 5957. Facsimile +44 161 237 5958

Written by A Certain Ratio. All songs Copyright Control.
(P) 1996 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by ACR under exclusive license to robsrecords. © 1996 ACR.

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