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Stupid Stupid Stupid; front cover detail
Stupid Stupid Stupid; front cover detail
Stupid Stupid Stupid; insert detail
Stupid Stupid Stupid; insert detail

Release date

20 October 20 1997


CD, LP, Cassette


Get Higher
Dadi Waz a Badi
Rubber Band
Tell Me Something
Money Back Guaranteed


Black Grape
Shaun Ryder
Paul "Kermit" Leveridge
Carl "Psycho" McCarthy
Danny Saber
Paul "Wags" Wagstaff
Ged Lynch
Martin Slattery
Danny Bass

Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath
Westlake Audio, Los Angeles
and some crack-house in L.A.

Engineered by John X Volaitis
Assisted by Marco Migliari

Additional Engineers
Phil Ault, Ewan Davis, Marco Migliari, Danny Saber

Hornography arrangements by Danny Saber and Martin Slattery

Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge at South Beach Studis, Miami & Encore Studios, Los Angeles
Assisted by Mauricio Tragorri

Produced by Danny Saber with John X Volaitis and Shaun Ryder
Except 'Dadi Was A Badi' Produced by Danny Saber and Steve Lironi with John X Volaitis and Shaun Ryder.

All songs written by Shaun Ryder, Danny Saber and Manmade.
Published by Distilled Music Inc., Copyright Control and Warner Chappell Music
Except for "Lonely" written by Knight & Weaver, published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd and Rondor Music London (Ltd)
Management: Richard Bishop for 3AM in association with Tony Murray and Derek Ryder for Hot Soup.
A&R: Brendan Rourke. A&R Co-ordinator: Veronica Gretton.
Mastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound, N.Y.
Black Grape use Lindert guitars, Premier drums and Trace Elliot bass amps, speakers and T. Bass. Manmade appear courtesy of East West Records. Published by Warner Chappell. Managed by Hot Soup.
Shaun Ryder - a special thank-you to all my friends and family, especially Muzzer, Horseman, Ian Killough, Pat and Matt Carroll, Patrick Warde, and everyone who's been with us, fans and friends since day one. Special thanks to Tony Murray. Thanks for listening - R.I.P. God Bless.
Danny Saber would like to thank: Phillip DeRobertis, Troy Morris and everyone at Westlake, Nadine's Music, Graham Massey and everyone at Dreamline, Diesel.
Kermit - Special Thanx to my mum and dad for getting me through, (back to life and straight - yeah!), my sisters and nephews, fidel, my son, sarah and everyone who's been there for me. All my family, and to the man, dam on a mission, listen to your friend. peace. Carl - To my mum u r the light, without u i'd be lost umoja, massives, Keep it together, your time will come. Those who matter and have given us their best wishes, respect to you and yours. To my blood family, keep the line strong, beware the arrival of the pum pum hustler, bed spread rustler - appetite!
p & c 1997 Radioactive Records, J.V.

Artwork by Central Station Design

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Catalogue number Radioactive Records RARD11716. Early copies of the compact disc came with boggly plastic eyes on the front of the jewel case.