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Priceless Innuendos - The Factory Records demo
Priceless Innuendos - The Factory Records demo


Marry Me Dusty
Angel Spit
Carnal Drag *
Inglorious Miltons
Calling Colorado
Blue Confetti
Jumping Lorries Again
Fear Of The Sun *
Nothing To Be Proud Of
She's In Our Bed
Viva Che


Ron Caine: Bass
Chris Fenner: Drum programming
Joe Korner: Keyboards, Guitar & Backing Vocals
Cath Carroll: Vocals & Guitar


An audio cassette marked "September '87 Nov. Dec." is used as the primary source for our master. Other cassettes with the same content proved to be unusable for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, all eleven songs have been extracted and sonic issues corrected.

In some cases, files rendered as expected having a fairly musical analogue outcome. A few songs do reveal the overall noise floor/hiss but it seemed allowing this to exist preserved more of the original ambience. Hiss lovers rejoice!

* Carnal Drag and Fear Of The Sun appeared on LTM's 2003 collection, When It All Comes Down.

Thanks to: Nigel Fenner, Stephen Parker, Steve Maguire, Jonathan Bedford, Andy Winters, Jonathan Fell, Tat, Brian O'Neill, Peter Terzian, David Quantick, all at Intergalactic Arts, Paul Kendall, Paul Smith, Richard Boon, Dave Harper, Anthony H Wilson, Liz Naylor, Pat Naylor and James Nice.

Audio forensics by Kerry Kelekovich at Rancho Lilypad.

Restorations were sourced via a Teac V-570 audio cassette recorder routed through a TC Electronic Finalizer with a 44.1 KHz / 24 bit setting, routed into ProTools 8 and tuned using mastering software by Waves, Bomb Factory and Digidesign.

All Miaow snapshots were taken with Cath's camera by Brian O'Neill or Cath in 1987. Cover photo by Cath Carroll.

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More notes, including Cath Carroll's personal recollections at Lilypad Records.